Hi! Welcome to my developer portfolio. Here you'll find most of my completed projects from the past few years, from full-stack websites to Minecraft mods to Discord bots and everything in-between.


When I first started out as a developer, creating websites always seemed like a daunting task. However, with the advent of web frameworks like React, Vue, and Svelte, I've learned that developing a website can be fun and easy, so much so that I can now create a small website for a project (like this one!) in only a weekend.


Crafting unique experiences in this block game has been a large focus of mine for the past few years. From one-off Fabric mods to entire games developed with the Paper API, it's hard to find an aspect of the classic game that I haven't worked with.


My programming journey has come a long way since my first Discord bot written in C# that was stuffed into one huge file. Since then, I've accrued years of experience in developing bots for Discord, particularly with the discord.py library, and continue to work on creating my own batteries-included bot library for Java in my free time.